Thursday, March 22, 2007

Teach Your Children To:

(Trustworthiness) .. be honest, stand up for their beliefs, show commitment, keep promises, don't ask someone to do any thing wrong, don't gossip, stand by your friends and family.

(Respect) courteous, polite, tolerate the different views of others, be on time, listen to others, respect other's decisions, judge people on merit, use peaceful methods to solve conflicts, take pride in their appearance, take care of their property and the property of others.

(Responsibility) .. think before they act, take responsibility for their actions, set a good example, do their best, not lose their temper, complete tasks, be a good sport, return borrowed things.

(Fairness) .. treat people fairly, listen to others, never cheat, play by the rules.

.. treat others as they want to be treated
.. respect authority, protect the environment, volunteer in the community.


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