Wednesday, March 7, 2007



"A ravaging fire literally destroyed a forest. To assess the damage, the rangers were sent out. One ranger found to his dismay an object in the form of a bird. He felt some life beneath it. He gently stroked it and to his dismay found three chicks coming out of a dead bird. They were alive. The mother bird protected them within its wings and the fire and smoke could not touch it. Intelligently the bird brought the chicks down to the base of the tree to escape from the fire. It could have saved itself, but for the sake of the little ones, the bird sacrificed its life."
Such is a mother’s love and such are parental love
and affection. I want every one of you to remember
this story along with your prayers before going
to sleep and you have a harmonious family of
commitment, character and conviction
if you take the right lessons from this story.
Both parents and children should remember
this story of great sacrifice and I expect all
of you to benefit from it.
K Mathew Thomas

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